Financial Benefits Of Being A Dol Doctor}

Financial Benefits of being a DOL Doctor


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The DOL in

DOL Doctors

stand for Department of Labor. As from the name it can be understood that a DOL Doctors deals with medical issues, problems and emergencies related to those who are working for government agencies. Being a general physician can come with some certain head boggling problems due to complex financial system. Especially in this time when we are struggling to come out of a recession and get the economy back on track it can be challenging it can be challenging for doctors to meet their finances. These financial issues may include decreased insurance reimbursement and increased over heads. You can get yourself up and running to become a DOL doctor and get a chance to move into the prospective market of at least 100,000 patients every year that are all their with government taking up their medical insurances and you can have the maximum benefit with easy reimbursements.

Prospects of a DOL Doctor:

DOL doctor is concerned with the medical treatment of Federal Employees who are injured during work. The patients may be connected from any of the Federal Government Department that includes USA Postal Services, Department of Homeland Security and most importantly Department of Labor. The federal government employs roughly more than 3 million of employees out of which at least 100,000 find themselves in some work related injuries every year. On the other side the number of well qualified DOL doctors is very low that ranges around 300. Due to which most of the injured federal government employees are forced to use their regular medical insurance for treatment. Being a DOL doctor would not only be helpful for the doctor but also for the patients to utilize their federal financial benefits properly.

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Being a DOL Doctor:

Now we are going to take a look at how being a DOL doctor can help you in your financial matters. The making difference and basically the really benefits of being a DOL doctor are given as under,

No HMO Type Network to deal with

No limit for treatment

Get paid for ever medical treatment that you carry out

These are some very few points that are the main reason why being a

DOL doctors

is more profitable than a regular physician. Now the question rises how can one be a DOL Doctor? There are some certain protocols that have to be met in for a doctor to start practice as a DOL doctors. The one most important ones are discussed in the points are under.

Be in complete compliance with all the regulations and rules about federal injuries claims

Get yourself and your staff prepared for the DOL regulations

Having an MD or MD/DC integration can be ideal

Your practice should be having the option of physical therapy alongside the medical practice. This bit can also be over looked for a time being if you are willing to add it later.

These are some the facts that can be game changer in your financial carrier as a doctor. For more information

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